A/B Leads Split Testing System

The idea behind Lead Split Testing is simple:

1) Create different versions of your page.

2) Select a goal (newsletter sign up, shop page, checkout page, etc).

3) Let Realiaison figure out which version of your page is most effective at converting to that goal. This is what is known as Split Testing (also referred to as A/B Testing).

Let’s consider a standard homepage. When someone lands on that page, you want to do everything you can to grab their attention and direct them towards your desired goal, whether that be clicking a button, signing up to your mailing list or purchasing your product.

How might the intrigue of your headline affect the bounce rate for new visitors? How might the size, color and text of the button in your call-to-action affect a visitor’s propensity to click? How might the combination of these factors ultimately affect the goal at the end of your sales funnel? These are all questions that can now be answered using Lead Split Testing.


You can create an unlimited amount of test subjects. Do you have 20 different headlines that you want to test out? If you have enough traffic to support it, then you can add all variations at once to figure out which one will surface as the winner.

Realiaison can also test a wide array of goals. Anything can be a goal. Is the purpose of your page to increase clicks to your Call To Action module? Is your goal to increase lead generation through your Contact Form? Do you want to increase sales? E-Commerce pages can be selected as a goal too. No matter what you select as your goal, Realiaison will determine relevant engagement stats and track them to figure out which variations best accomplish the goal!

Realiaison is an all-in-one solution to maximizing the revenue of your rentals and the visibility of your sale properties.

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