Walter L. Filkins

BA Williams College
Mathematics, Statistics, & Economics

Within his broader academic studies of math and economics, Walter learned about real estate and the housing market at college. This supplemented his existing knowledge and interest in real estate, which stemmed from his mother being an architect, his father being a contractor, and his relatives being builders, developers, and property investors. Walter also co-founded and manages a web development company.

  • Tech Support 50% 50%
  • Analytics 90% 90%
  • Web Development 50% 50%

William G. Gasner

BA Brown University
BioTech & Entrepreneurship

Will Gasner assembles state-of-the-art web systems and facilitates the training of their content management systems. When requested, he educates you about your competition, alerts you to the cutting-edge innovations in your industry, and provides you with clever advertising, marketing, and business improvement ideas. Along with his technical research, Will views and tries a wide array of websites and applications. This makes his assistance in early stage web design invaluable.

  • Web Development 50% 50%
  • Design & Branding 90% 90%
  • Internet Marketing 50% 50%

Timely Support

We are always ready to answer you problems and concerns! We are very interpersonal developers who believe strong trusting client relationships are the key to success!

Innovative Ideas

We are a team of Innovators. We love to study various industries and test out every new piece of technology. We are always contemplating new ideas and seeking out the next revolutionary tool.

Advanced Technology

Our team utilizes the most cutting edge technologies in the Industry and is always on the search for new tools and technologies to provide our clients with state-of-the-art web systems.

Clear Communication

Our mission is to simplify the internet and website terminology for our clients. There are a lot of possibilities to revolutionize your business online and we strive for clear communication!

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